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08/10/2008: August Flash Dance in MoBot Gardens
These are 42 of the 330 shots I took at the August 2008 Flash Dance. All are reduced, most are cropped and processed for better web viewing.
I tried to eliminate redundant shots and show the ambiance and some of the better views.

Original 5 Megapixel shots are available on request.
You are welcome to grab and use any of these as is, as long as I get a photo credit.

Here are the 2007 August MoBot flash dance pix that I took
And here is my general dance page

Click on any thumbnail to begin browsing the captioned pictures.

Picture P1060702 Picture P1060705 Picture P1060708 Picture P1060721
Picture P1060717 Picture P1060731 Picture P1060723 Picture P1060727
Picture P1060736 Picture P1060737 Picture P1060739 Picture P1060746
Picture P1060748 Picture P1060750 Picture P1060751 Picture P1060760
Picture P1060761 Picture P1060765 Picture P1060771 Picture P1060772
Picture P1060775 Picture P1060779 Picture P1060781 Picture P1060784
Picture P1060797 Picture P1060801 Picture P1060804 Picture P1060806
Picture P1060810 Picture P1060811 Picture P1060813 Picture P1060819
Picture P1060824 Picture P1060827 Picture P1060831 Picture P1060834
Picture P1060848 Picture P1060862 Picture P1060865 Picture P1060870 Picture P1060879 Picture P1060880