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Erika Klarmann Pictures
Snapshots and portraits of Erika and her life

You may submit Pictures to add to this page by sending them to

--- 1920's ---
Picture 1928Teddy Picture 1928Teddy2 Picture 1928Carpet
--- 1930's ---
Picture 1937Class
--- 1940's ---
Picture 1943Dance Picture 1948Apples Picture 1949Cherries
--- 1950's ---
Picture 1954Greenhouse Picture 1955Zeitung2 Picture JoeAndErika Picture 1957LehmkuhlLab Picture Wedding2 Picture Wedding1 Picture Oct1958 Picture 1958Family Picture 1959Fountainhead
--- 1960's ---
Picture NY2MO Picture Advent61 Picture 1961Husso Picture 1964April Picture 1964June Picture 1969_MoBot
--- 1970's ---
Picture Family_70 Picture 1970_Omi Picture 1971DaytonaBeach Picture 1973_SSFrance Picture 1977Carpet Picture 1977_Xmas
--- 1980's ---
Picture DanGraduation1984 Picture 1990Florida
--- 1990's ---
Picture 1992MenWhoCook Picture 1994WedPrep
--- 2000's ---
Picture 2001BullShoals2 Picture 2002MoBot Picture 2008_Gatesworth Picture 2009Advent
--- 2010's ---
Picture 2010MemorialEntry Picture 2010MemorialAltar Picture 2010PictureBoard Picture 2010MemorialConfect