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by Joe's niece Orna
For me your father was uncle Yossel, although we were never close geographically he was always a part of my life.
I recall the family visits when we lived in NY, and the wonderful pool he bought us for the backyard.
I remember his visit to Israel in the 70's, and how my friends called him the "laughing uncle" - due to his warm and smiley disposition. That is who he has always been for me, someone who brought warmth and love into my life as if the sun shone warmer and brighter when he was around.
When I was a student in NYC he would come and visit my mom, I saw him several times - and heard lots of family stories and most especially about his growing up in Berlin, memories my Mom was too young for. These stories came to life this past August when I went with my Mom to Berlin as guests of Berlin.
When I went back to the States, and got married, he and Erika both came to the reception in NY. It was great to have the uncle I love so much present at this celebration. They gave me the Shabbat candlesticks they had received from my grandparents - a gift I cherish above all other wedding gifts.
After my son was born in NY, he again came to visit us in NY and we had a wonderful Hannukah with him.
When my Mom and I moved back to Israel he came to visit here with your Mother, and we celebrated Passover together.
Although few and far between, each visit is a cherished memory in my heart as moments of joy and warmth.
When Uncle Yossel passed away, my son Menahem said "you must have loved him very much."
I said "I still love him, I will always love him, the love doesn't end once the loved one dies."
He smiled at 12 years old, learning one of the most important lessons in our emotional lives - the love is always there.