Here are 147 shots of the
2007 Sugar Hill Dance Weekend
taken by Dan Klarmann who is also known as (and this page basically sponsored by)
This is less than half of the pix I took. The majority of these are fun, blurry dance shots. Others show people or ambience. All are reduced to fit on a web page.
I'm open to caption suggestions for most of these shots.
Pix I took on other years can be found here

P1030506 P1030511 P1030512 P1030513 P1030514 P1030515 P1030516 P1030517 P1030519 P1030520 P1030521 P1030521a P1030523 P1030524 P1030529 P1030530 P1030532 P1030533 P1030541 BILD0199 BILD0201 BILD0202 BILD0204 P1030554 P1030556 P1030557 P1030558 P1030560 P1030561 P1030563 P1030565 P1030569 P1030571 P1030572 P1030573 P1030576 P1030577 P1030579 P1030580 P1030583 P1030585 P1030586 P1030588 P1030591 P1030598 P1030600 P1030605 P1030606 P1030610 P1030613 P1030617 P1030621 P1030622 P1030623 P1030624 P1030625 P1030626 P1030628 P1030629 P1030631 P1030633 P1030634 P1030636 P1030637 P1030638 P1030640 P1030641 P1030642 P1030644 P1030645 P1030648 P1030650 P1030651 P1030653 P1030658 P1030659 P1030660 P1030662 P1030663 P1030666 P1030667 P1030668 P1030669 P1030670 P1030671 P1030672 P1030673 P1030674 P1030675 P1030676 P1030678 P1030681 P1030682 P1030685 P1030686 P1030686a P1030687 P1030689 P1030693 P1030694 P1030695 P1030696 P1030697 P1030698 P1030701 P1030702 P1030703 P1030704 P1030705 P1030706 P1030707 P1030709 P1030710 P1030711 P1030714 P1030717 P1030718 P1030720 P1030721 P1030723 P1030729 P1030732 P1030737 P1030739 P1030740 P1030741 P1030742 P1030744 P1030747 P1030748 P1030750 P1030751 P1030753 P1030754 P1030755 P1030756 P1030758 P1030759 P1030762 P1030766 P1030768 P1030770 P1030773 P1030774 P1030777 P1030785 P1030782