Here are 151 shots (selected from over 400) of the 2008 Sugar Hill Dance Weekend
The majority of these are fun, blurry dance shots. Others show people or ambience. All are reduced and/or cropped to fit on a web page.
I'm open to caption suggestions for most of these shots.
Sugar Hill Pix that I took on other years are here

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P1070004 P1070005 P1070007 P1070012 P1070014 P1070016 P1070019 P1070020 P1070022 P1070024 P1070026 P1070028 P1070028 P1070028 P1070032 P1070033 P1070034 P1070035 P1070035a P1070037 P1070038 P1070044 P1070046 P1070048 P1070050 P1070052 P1070053 P1070056 P1070070 P1070075 P1070083 P1070086 P1070091 P1070092 P1070094 P1070097 P1070102 P1070103 P1070104 P1070105 P1070110 P1070112 P1070115 P1070119 P1070125 P1070126 P1070129 P1070133 P1070139 P1070143 P1070146 P1070148 P1070152 P1070154 P1070156 P1070159 P1070160 P1070161 P1070166 P1070168 P1070171 P1070172 P1070174 P1070179 P1070181 P1070182 P1070185 P1070189 P1070192 P1070193 P1070196 P1070201 P1070205 P1070207 P1070211 P1070213 P1070216 P1070221 P1070229 P1070232

P1070234 P1070235 P1070236 P1070240 P1070242 P1070243 P1070244 P1070245 P1070247 P1070248 P1070250 P1070252 P1070254 P1070262 P1070263 P1070267 P1070268 P1070269 P1070272 P1070282 P1070286 P1070289 P1070290 P1070293 P1070295 P1070300 P1070303 P1070306 P1070307 P1070311 P1070312 P1070317 P1070319 P1070326 P1070328 P1070329 P1070335 P1070336 P1070338 P1070345 P1070346 P1070348 P1070350 P1070354 P1070355 P1070356 P1070357 P1070360 P1070361 P1070363 P1070364 P1070365 P1070367 P1070369 P1070371 P1070372 P1070376 P1070379 P1070380a P1070380b P1070382 P1070385 P1070387 P1070390 P1070394 P1070396 P1070397 P1070399 P1070402 P1070402a P1070404