March 11, 2000 Snow

March began on the lamb, and now it's just lion around.
Springtime in St Louis: A right touch of summer, and then a winter left to the chin.

On March 6th, we opened up windows to warm up the house. It was in the mid 80's! I'd trimmed the grape vines from the arbor, and Karen caught some rays on the patio (shown on the right).

I awoke this morning to 2" of snow. After breakfast and a quick game of Gin Rummy, we had almost 6" of wet snow accumulated!

We went outside to shovel the wet snow from our walks, and got a bit distracted, as you will see:

How it looked when I awoke Saturday 3/11/00, 8 ish
The streaks of snow, daffodils laid low, 
Buddha wearing a snow cap over his snails

Note the daffodils and Forsythias in bloom:


Distracted from shoveling:

Petting our snow-gargoyle:


Happy Puppy:

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