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20050711: Up to Germantown, NY
So we got up at Ken and Beth's a final time. They had both risen and headed off to work at dawn. I was not moving fast because of my cold. But, we did get on the road, and headed out of Maryland and across Baltimore.
Leaving the D.C. area
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I liked the reflections in the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
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It was a mostly uneventful drive, following the contorted route given by the AAA online TripTik. Karen did the driving while I tried to stay awake to navigate. We stopped in Princeton, New Jersey at the comapus Coop store for some fruit. More accurately, Karen shopped and I napped in the car.
Not too far north of Poughkeepsie, we thought we were about there, and used the cell phone to call and find out how to get to actually "there". Lou, my cousin-in-law, guided us in to find their country house, right on State Route 9G.
My maternal cousin Roxy (I may be the only one who still calls her that) weekends in this charming 1830's sumer home just off the Hudson river. We settled in, had a nice barbequue dinner, and a good nights sleep.
My cousin Roxy and her hubby, Lou make an arch in honor of us visiting St. Louisans over their 1830's country house in upstate New York
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