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20050715: A Mosey through the Adirondacks
I woke still sore of throat, and we set about packing up to leave the Shamrock. It's a nice place, but hardly the apex of modern telecommunications.
Closest thing to an in-room phone at the Shamrock Motel
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We almost went back to the Adirondack Museum, because admission is good for 2 days. But there is so much else to see up here, and I still have little stamina.
We drove up NY 30 from Long Lake past Tupper Lake, past the Saranac Inn resort (it is so big that it is listed as a town on the map!), and up to Paul Smiths to check out another interpretive center. I mostly sat in a chair on the deck while Karen did some of the exhibits. We had a picnic on their deck. I still couldn't taste the leftover pepper steak from the night before. But it had a nice burn, and great texture.
Chairs facing me on the deck at the Smiths Interpretive Center
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We walked the shortest bog trail; less than a mile. It was pretty, but I was exhausted.
We then drove down 86 past Harriettstown to Saranac Lake, where we stopped to see a wildlife exhibit at the library, and to use the Health Food store.
Saranac Lake is a nice town built arround 1900. I just wanted to try to capture the architectural "feel" of the place.
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We next drove through famous Lake Placid, a very busy town with the Olympic Training Center and such. It reminded us of Banff, but much more so (whatever that may mean).
We stopped at the foot of Whiteface Mountain, but decided that my sinuses wouldn't appreciate the gondola ride 2,000' up to the 4,867' peak. For the East, this is a serious mountain. Green to the top, though.
Looking down from the bridge to the parking lot of the gondola rides to the top of Whiteface Mountain, we see this charming set of rapids.
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We had thought of dirving on to nearly Vermont, but I was exhausted. We found the North Pole Resort with multiple pools, miniature golf, beach, boats, camping, RV's, and motel rooms with cable modems. Very friendly people and well groomd grounds.
The Au Sable river at the foot of the North Pole Motel and camping resort in Wilmington, NY
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The Au Sable river at the foot of the North Pole Motel and camping resort in Wilmington, NY (I can't resist a reflection)
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Father-son kayak lesson on the Au Sable river
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After we picnicked dinner in the large, shady picnic area, we walked down to the Ausable (Au Sable) river just to see it. Very peaceful. Dragon flies kept flying across the river toward us. When Karen crooked a finger, several times, one would land on her. I saw one come right at me, and it perched briefly on my beard! I managed to get a snapshot of one landing on Karen's leg when neither it nor she were looking.
Friendly dragonflys landed on Karen and me at least 5 times as we watched the river
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