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20050719: Island hopping to New Brunswick
Lubec, ME: We had breakfast at a nice local joint called Murphy's Village Restaurant to try their fried dough.
Murphy's Viliage Restaurant in Lubec, Maine offers "fried dough", the regional equivalent of Indian Fry Bread, or the Beignet. We had good choder here the night before, too.
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Murphy's Viliage Restaurant restrooms: I appreciate a good hand-made sign.
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Then we went over the bridge to Canada at the Campobello International Park, F.D. Roosevelt's Summer Cottage complex.
At the bridge to Canada (reflected in the water), Karen admires the clear water of the bay as the tide rushes out. At low tide, the dock Karen is standing on will be a ramp along the rocky bottom.
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This park is the only national park in the world to be in one country, yet managed jointly by another. Great historical tours, especially after our visit to the FDR memorial in D.C. last week.
FDR's country cottage on Campobello Island had brass plumbing since the 1880's, and the "President" model stove was installed in 1933. Park personnel swear that it was a coincidence.
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For the twelve thousandth shot on my digital camera, I stood on the marked spot and took the inevitable tourist snapshot of FDR's summer cottage (34 rooms).
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We almost saw "Scenic" views at foggy lookouts.
Out on the bottom end of Campobello Island, the scenic view. The signs say that they do have a view, weather permitting.
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We climbed out over the railing to see the surf rushing into a narrow cut. Karen studies maps. Now I really understand the term "jagged rocks below".
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Karen likes the little tree-topped Fez islands in the bay.
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Then we took the toll ferry to (really cute) Deer Island and the free ferry to NB. The first was a small ferry barge pushed by a tow boat. The second was a fancy, high-bridged, modern, specially designed vehicle mover. We drove in circles in the fog around St. John trying to find any motel, finding full ones, and finally settling for the pricey Econolodge ($120).
Trying to find a motel in St. John, NB in the fog. We stumble across this Carleton Martello fortress used to defend against the Americans in their land-grab war of 1812.
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It had a kitchenette, and WiFi, so it wasn't so bad. I rested, while Karen went out into the fog and under-construction, randomly one-way streets to try to buy a can of soup.
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