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20050725: Homeward: Pennsylvania to Ohio
We got up in Danville, PA, and I went to the lobby to check email. This motel is "family friendly". Every adult seemed to be escorting several kids, most of whom were busily getting their ya-yas out before being recouped-up in the family car. We got out of there, and drove westward on I-80 to I-76 to I-70. We stopped in Springfield, Ohio at our friends house out in the fields. I immediately went into the pool, and we stayed out by the pool till dark.
Preparing to pool my resources at Margaret-Ann's house in the cornfields.
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Pool, Karen, Adirondack chair, obsolete satellite dish, the sun, and a couple of barns in Ohio.
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Very low sun casts orange light on the lower part of tall clouds over the corn in Ohio
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Corn, the house, bean fields, Blee Road, and more bean fields. Some years, Margaret Ann is not entirely surrounded by corn, but has some less privacy-guaranteeing beans.
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After dark, we went to get some things from the car. Across the road are acres of soybeans, a field of leafy plants standing about 18" high. Above this dark green layer yellow sparks flitted. Intermittant flecks of light formed a thin layer, like a lace blanket hovering just above the dark bed below. It was magical standing on the hot pavement in the cool evening with the breeze barely rustling the leaves and the fireflies dancing in a deep, wide sheet parallel to the ground.
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