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20100923: Getting ready. Getting set. Getting gone.
So we're almost ready to go. The last weeks have been interesting. Read the picture captions:
There was supposed to be a neighborhood yard sale in August or the start of September. But it didn't get going till after our departure date. Yet I was the guy who volunteered to paint the signs for the sale that we couldn't make. So while getting ready, I took the time
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Picture IMG_4847
Our property was overrun with painters, carpenters, and gutter guys. They were originally scheduled to do the jobs in July, but didn't get to us till September. Now it was a rush to see if they could finish before we had to leave.
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The gutter guys appreciated that the weather held, and they got their part done before the rains last night.
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The painters still have some work to do, but can probably manage while we're gone.

We hope to be on the road by noon. The sun is rising, and I have yet to begin packing. Karen has spent her "free time" in the last few days packing her clothes and food and detailing the car and such. I've been herding contractors, and grooming my laptop and gathering cameras and accessories to hopefully have all the tools I need to easily keep up this blog. I've even battened down MrTitanium to let shoppers know that I won't be shipping till the latter half of October.

Our plan is to head north through central Iowa, to Minneapolis. Up to Fargo, then west on I-94 and other more interesting byways to Seattle, maybe Vancouver. Then winding southward to Yosemite. And back home over the Rockies.

All in 3 weeks.
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