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20101015: Day 22: Lincoln, NE to Home, a long drive
We started off from the Victorian Inn under the Lincoln Nebraska airport flight path at about 9:15. Almost immediately (just about an hour down State Rd 2) we stopped in at Arbor Day Farm, a sort of Nebraska Knotts Berry Farm. One of Nebraska's claims to fame is inventing and legislating Arbor Day. The only free section of this park and orchard is the gift shop and apple processing plant tour. But the tour was closed during the brief time we were there due to an injury on the floor. So we didn't stay longer than necessary to pick up some fresh cider and apple butter.
We headed out of Lincoln, NE on State Rd 2, through Nebraska City. Karen wanted to stop in at Arbor Day Farms. Naturally, they have a wooden bridge on the approach to Arbor Day Farms
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Picture IMG_3205
Really, a wooden bridge that can take loaded semi's
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Picture IMG_3209
Here's me and a modern wooden bridge
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We didn't do the amusement park part of the Arbor Day Farm, but here's the entrance.
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Then down I-29 through Nebraska City, a dozen miles of Iowa, and on down the Missouri side of the Missouri river to St. Joseph. Then across on US 36, a road just barely not an interstate, but much more interesting to drive. At Macon, MO ("makin' mo' what?") we reversed the highway number to take US 63 south.
We had considered going an hour north from there to visit the nephew at Truman University in Kirksville, but decided it would preclude getting home today. It's been a long trip.
Almost home. Well, about 6 hours from here at the Iowa border at I-29
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Eastbound on US-36 across Missouri we get to ride the old road. The 1970's interstate-quality westbound lanes are more boring
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This is a sight that won't be around for long. The phone booth (and kiosk) is a fixture of the 20th century, like horse troughs were in the 19th.
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At the last rest area before hitting the StL metro area I saw some odd nuts lying in the grass. I thought I'd break one open, and found this walnut-like interior. "Odd", I thought. They taste like walnuts.Karen informed me that these are hickory nuts. Yummy, but not worth the work to get at the meats.
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So we zoomed south to Columbia and East on I-70 to I-64. Rush hour traffic was heavy, the other way.
Familiar territory. Heading into Saint Louis on I-64 through the exurbs at evening rush hour. That's the Mormon temple on the left. Now I know who the golden guy on the spire is supposed to be.
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A better look at the Mormon temple as we zoom by
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We got off with little delay at our usual exit, to find that they've closed the Compton bridge! We were quite surprised, but found our way home, anyway. About 9 hours and 450 miles after starting the day.
Almost home as our shadow gets long and the roads have to stack to fit through town.
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Not the most welcoming sight on our usual route home. Apparently the road closed as of this afternoon! And for the next 3 months.
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So we took an alternate route. Note the arch and our shadows. Who can name the street?
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Bumper with bugs from 13 states
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Here's the whole almost 6,000 mile route, with red beds where we spent nights, and a few special stops highlighted. A bigger version of the image is here \(TripOverview1.JPG\).
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Picture TripOverview

Despite all premonitions, our house was intact. Although we do have some issues to go over with the painters.
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