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10/14/04: Starting out
We drove through the unrelenting rain out I-70 from St. Louis to U.S. 54, then south past Jefferson City, and stopped at the Econolodge in Osage Beach, the Ozarks.
The Missouri Capitol Building seen from a moving car through a bridge in the rain
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We have WiFi in the room at a discount motel! This is my first trip where the hotel has provided me with the Internet. We've come a long way from when I travelled with a screwdriver and alligator clips to connect my 300 baud modem to the room phone (yes, three hundred baud).

Anyway, it sunny, and we're scouting an alternate route westward than the Interstates. One reason is that I-70 through Missouri is under consideration to become a toll road, like I-44 in Eastern Oklahoma.
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