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07/23/05: Homeward: Maine, NH, MA, Connecticut
I got up, showered, dressed, and did over an hour of picture processing by 8:00 when Karen woke. The transition from Atlantic (New Brunswick) time to Eastern Time bought me an extra hour. They had a single T-1 Ethernet connection in the corner of the dining room by the wobbly table. I spent 2 hours uploading, captioning, and linking pictures to daily logs for 3 of the last 5 days (and editing the text) while Karen packed up and studied maps. The long-legged, blond, hot-panted serving staff helped me to remember to raise my gaze and refocus my eyes as ergonomics experts often advise.
Karen really liked the Chalet Inn in Lewiston, ME
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Picture DCP12214
By noon we headed south on toll I-95, moving quickly until we hit an 'oops' as we entered NH. Then we had stop and go traffic for about ½ hour.
We stopped at the Massachusetts Pike rest area near Worcester: JazzaJava cap & cranberry scone to help us keep on keeping on.
A cell tower at the Massachusetts Pike rest area near Worcester, MA
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Picture DCP12217
Now, this morning we called my cousin Johnny to see if we could link up this evening. He and his gal Virginia were going canoeing, but would be back around 10:00, and we were welcome. If we drove straight through, we'd get to their house at 5. So we had time to kill. In the spirit of "why the heck not?" we went to Yale.
We arrived in New Haven and parked at the cemetery at 5:00. It was closed, darn it! We spent an hour just wandering around. Banners told us that Blues Traveler was featured in the concert on the Green tonight. We had a light picnic on the quad, watching young orientation types and students at play. Then we joined the bustle on The Green just before the main attraction. We waited in a couple of unmoving food lines, but gave that up as unproductive. As usual, live outdoor music is too loud and distorted to really appreciate the band. About 20,000 others seemed to like it, though. (The M.C's estimate of the crowd). I recognized one song, but just barely.
Anyone from Yale would recognise this
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Picture DCP12225
I caught the sun shining through this tower, but there was a smear on my lens. Kinda cool, though.
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Picture DCP12230
A variety of towers, still in Yale
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Picture DCP12234
Maybe it was the exhaustion, but I liked the way the light hit these. See the light through one chimney on the next?
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Picture DCP12237
Tired of Yale towers, yet?
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Picture DCP12240
Concert on the Green in New Haven, Connecticut. "Blues Traveller" on stage, and about 20,000 people on "The Green" (according to the emcee).
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Picture DCP12244
Solitary statue by the road in New Haven
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Picture DCP12247
Bad shot of a Calder an hour after sunset.
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Picture DCP12251
We left Yale at 9:00 and found ourselves in Ridgeville, Connecticut at 10:05. Johnny suggested that we wait at The Elms, an Inn in town. They closed at 10:00. So we waited in the parking lot for a little while. I jotted notes and Karen had a snack. Johnny arrived with his canoe still atop his car after a little while, and led us to Virginia's house a few winding, twisting blocks away.
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