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05/13/06: Starting Another Trip
Testing the new camera from across the garden. The 8 Megapixel original is about 6 times as big as the "larger" version here. This was taken at 1/40s at 440mm! Optical image stabilization rules.The subject is our new alley cat Maori, who prefers the taste of out pond to fresh water, and isn't afraid to get his paws wet. We're slowly taming him (I got a collar on him), but he's still an outdoor-only cat.
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Picture P1000020 It's been a busy year, so far. Recently, I finally got myself a new superzoom camera for my birthday (Review and Specs), my mother got herself an emergency carotid angioplasty and stent, in part brought on by the stress of my father's recent demise. For those who may not have heard what became of my father, please browse the memorial website I composed for him. Some of the pertinent details are there.

This trip had been planned in part to help clear our heads from all the grief detritus that builds up in the spirit following a death of someone close. We are heading west to Colorado, Utah, and possibly a loop down to the four-corners area.
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