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05/23/06: Day 10: Hays to Home
After the free waffles for breakfast, it was just a long day of driving. As usual, we didn't allow enough time to mosey into sites of interest. We zipped past historic Abbeys, missed the 6 legged steer, ignored the various pleas to buy genu-wine Kansas and Missouri keepsakes, and simply kept the needle on the maximum and zoomed home along the I-70.
Karen in the Lobby of the Super-8 in Hays, KS making Belgian waffles for breakfast.
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The frantically fluttering flags of Kansas and the U.S. really look this bright in the afternoon sun at an interstate rest area.
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For all the things that I've learned about this beverage since my first taste at a burger joint in Bavaria in 1984, I had no idea that they had a racing team! One really does learn a lot on the road, if one keeps one's eyes open.
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