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10/10/07: Day 1: St. Louis to Oklahoma City
We finally got on the road at noon. Basically, the driving was easy. But we spent 9 hours doing it after starting in cranky moods. So it wasn't an easy day.
We didn't stop for any interesting roadside things, but just tried to make miles. We did buy gas a few miles off of the Interstate, where old Route 66 (now Missouri 96) crosses Missouri 39. We headed off that way because Karen saw a billboard promising Art Glass at the exit. We never did find the glass.
We stopped for supper at the World's Largest McDonald's, that straddles the interstate in Oklahoma (see the pictures).
Truck driving Through the World's Largest McDonalds
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Picture P1040438
McDonald's astride the Will Rogers Expressway (toll interstate I-44 east of Tulsa), with statue of its namesake
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Picture P1040440
Plaque on the base of Will Rogers statue
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Picture P1040441
View down past the soda fountain in the World's Largest McDonald's, where we stopped for a bite
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Picture P1040443
What's wrong with this "Think Safety" sign? Think about what direction you'd have to be driving to read it!
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Picture P1040444
Karen picks me (shadow) up after supper. I think this was the first McDonald's meal I've had in years.
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Picture P1040449
We drove into a painfully bright sunset with a nicely patterned sky, paying tolls as we went.
As Karen was driving into a brutal sunset, I took a pretty snapshot through the bug-spattered windshield.
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Picture P1040455
Toll lanes in mid-America.
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Picture P1040458
Stop and Go with friendly words.
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Picture P1040460
At a gas station on the turnpike an hour east of Oklahoma City. Karen didn't notice the signs on the doors (enlarged oval) until I showed her this picture.
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Picture P1040463
Then, as I drove into the night, Karen spent an hour with 2 maps and 3 coupon books to find us a nice, cheap room. As it turned out, we are staying right in Oklahoma City, just off of I-40 (West of Forest Park, well inside I-270). For $40 we have 2 beds, Fridge, Microwave, WiFi, and a "Deluxe Continental breakfast". They have a bagel toaster in the lobby, which is a good sign.
Our opinion is that our vacation starts tomorrow, Thursday.
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