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10/21/07: Day 12: Hays to Home
This was a day of simple driving. I was up at dawn.
Sunrise over the Best Western in Hays, Kansas
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Picture P1050436
This hotel was still more of a Vagabond Inn than a Best Western. We shoulda remembered the nice stay we had last year at the Hays Days Inn.
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Picture P1050440
After I had a blah breakfast at the nominally attached restaurant, we got packed up and on the road.
Everyone has seen a scene of road mirages out in the hot desert. Here's one in the middle of Kansas, looking more like Missouri in its woodsy lushness.
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Picture P1050447
Karen had been fascinated by a glowing smoke stack. So I stopped and went to take a picture of.Um.Oh, there it is.
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Picture BILD0535
Actually, this is where I lost track in the previous picture.
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Picture P1050451
Here's one shot of the sun-struck smoke against the darker sky, with a truck coming toward me.
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Picture P1050452
Here's another shot that gives an impression of how bright the smoke seemed.
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Picture P1050463
What we see on the road is often a matter of what we are prepared to see. Karen picked out the radiant smoke, and took many pictures. But mine mostly came out better.
But we crossed the rest of Kansas and back into Missouri.
Welcome to Missouri. The leaves are turning. Pretty impressionistic, but note that the moon is relatively sharp. We're just moving that fast.
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Picture P1050467
Okay, the moon is not so sharp in this one, but I enjoy the impressionistic Missouri autumnal foliage. Perhaps my eyes are just going.
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Picture P1050472
And finally got home just after dark.
Almost Home. Sweet home.
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Picture P1050479
Sunset lingers, and a mile yet to go.
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Picture P1050480

Over 1,100 snapshots taken (yeah, I took it easy on yez)
3,140 miles driven
81.8 gallons bought (for between $2.74 and 3.08 per)
=> 38.4 avg mpg (our '98 Mazda likes the mountains)
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