Some pictures from my earlier daze
1975: 8th Grade mug shot ("Student Portrait")
Most tiresome question: "Are you a boy or a girl?"
Most consistent nicknames: "Locks" as in goldy, and "Perfessor"
1979: I got into B&W photography in my senior year. This is a poor example of the craft, but it shows the unnatural lengths to which my natural blonde hair has gone.

Summer 1980: Washington University, Godspell meets Mork?
Haircuts happen when tunnel vision sets in.

Spring 1989, Me and Philyks, one of my titanium clocks in the background.
Spring 1990, Kimmswick. I was seen playing 2 recorders, at once.

Halloween 1992, my true nature?

This cheerful chap was caught at about dawn 
next to the water and chocolate supply 
in the barn at the last spring Kimmswick 
dance weekend held in Kimmswick, MO. 

October 1999: Repairing a spiderweb in front of my home as the tenant arachnid watches from the center. Reminiscent of the story of St. Francis and the spider, nicht wahr?

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