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Residents of St. Louis, MO, care for a beautiful vintage 1894 house on the near Southside, in the Tower Grove East neighborhood not far from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

When they're not dance gypsy-ing around the country and capering at folkdance weekends, they work on FolkFire, or in their beautiful garden or house.

DangerousIntersection.org is an online column (blog) of which I am a member.
Dan's Deranged Definition of the Day (There's really only the one, for now)
Childgrove Country Dancers is where we folk-dance, or we-folk dance.
Russ Anderson's music page with music samples, performance schedule, and more.
Acme Klein Bottles No joke! For those with a topological bent, or just a twisted sense of humor.

See Dan's Titanium Jewelry Actually, I use KEdit or EditPlus A Daniel Klarmann
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