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Selected Projects Summary from the last few years:

2002: (Buckingham Assets Management) Developed a web based literature and marketing materials order form for their customers using Perl/CGI, DHTML and Javascript.
The resulting approximately kilo-line of new code carefully checks each entry in real time on the client machine, summarizes and verifies the order, and then submits it to BAM, specifically emailed to the parties needed to process and deliver the items ordered. The items list is easily modified by BAM personnel. This form is in a password-protected area available only to their clients.

2001: ( Developed a client side web page order entry form using CGI, DHTML and Javascript for extremely low-end internet sales. The code on this page encrypts and sends credit card information without needing to pay for SSL (Secure Server) or an online card acceptance service. My client wanted to have complete control over the look and feel of the page, and a scalable design.

2001: ( Rewrote the FolkFire Upcoming Events calendar page using CGI/Perl. This fairly elaborate, yet fast loading page uses DHTML and simple tables, all generated by scratch-written calendar functions, pulling from a simple database of events.

1999-2000: (Alpine Engineered Products) Using a combination of Microsoft Visual C++ with a serious subset of Microsoft Foundation Classes, and Visual Basic, Access, ADO, and SQL Server stored procedures, I helped to port an order entry system (which I'd written earlier) to Windows (95/98/NT/2K). I created internal foundation and child Classes, used Object Oriented methods, and reviewed my earlier analyses of customer needs. I composed documentation as I developed, both as a top-down design strategy, and for editing into user help files later. As with every project in which I am given some control, I took a Total Life Cycle attitude, from paradigm selection through testing, and expecting to support whatever I let into the field.

1999: Small Visual Basic 5 project. Developed a tournament golf scoring/handicapping system. Which I first prototyped in Excel.

1997-1999: (Alpine Engineered Products) Maintained (rewrote) a language interpreter used by Alpine's customers as a cost-projection/calculations module. It had been written in C by a series of recent graduates over a decade. I simplified the code and created an Object Oriented version in Visual C++ with more features, faster performance, and significantly reduced code size and improved maintainability. I also supported this module, and accepted feedback from the Customer Support division and certain special customers. I did involved Business Analysis and offered my mathematical talents to these customers to refine and simplify their often overly complex and un-maintainable costing models.

1994: (FolkFire) Visual Basic 3.0 Full Project: Conceived, designed, coded, and developed an integrated database of Midwestern folk events, local groups, and a selectively shared mailing list for several local groups using DAO tables structured in a simple hierarchy. The user interface was a simple set of forms. 

1993-1994: (Carlisle-Syntec, Greenville) Full Life Cycle project: Worked with the Director of QA and IT to optimize a design, developed, coded, documented and supported an integrated quality control system for a rubber plant. I integrated their existing Intermec barcode systems, re-programming readers, collecting their data and storing it in Btrieve databases, and wrote a CADD-like Graphical User Interface for the QC operators to enter and recall defects for each (50'x300') piece produced. Wrote reports, online help, and a variety of other tools to support the system.

1994: (Alpine Engineered Products) Traveled to Belgium to study a robotic saw system, and developed specs for integrating this into Alpines Automated Software/Manufacturing equipment.

1994: (Alpine Engineered Products) Wrote a CAM module to drive a laser guidance system for wood truss manufacture. The language was MS-Basic Professional, and a little Assembler.

1991-1994: (Lumbermate, div Alpine) Full Life Cycle development of a customer order entry system for the wood truss industry. Designed the database architecture in BTrieve and the bulk of the code in Structured Programming, semi-objectified MS-Basic, wrote the user interface in DOS for both mouse and keyboard ease of use. Once the beta was released, worked in a tight loop with a field representative and customers to optimize the project to industry needs. The online help significantly reduced the support call count on this one module, prompting others to emulate my development style, and to use the interface modules I'd designed.

Selected Older Projects

1987-1990: (Lumbermate Inc.) Wrote a dial-up bulletin board and client-side system from scratch for their customers to be able to automatically update software and download engineering information (MS QuickBasic).
Composed fonts for the old PCPI laser printers.
Wrote and/or adapted assorted utilities in Basic, C, and Assembler to enhance Lumbermate's customer software, as well as in-house needs.

1984-1987 (Facts, Inc) Developed software and hardware for automated industrial quality control systems on a variety of platforms, controllers, devices, etc. Some of the more interesting challenges were composing industrial Ladder Logic for programable controllers from Allen-Bradley , and using miniature data collection systems such as Onset micro controllers .
Wrote conveyor system simulations in Pascal under DOS, engineering analysis graphical interfaces for stress analysis, and other fun stuff.