A Daniel Klarmann

St. Louis, MO 63104-1740 tech@DanKlarmann.com www.DanKlarmann.com
(updated January 2009)


Available for part-time contracts or piece work involving Web Development, Technical Problem Solving, Software Development, Database Design, Repair, Porting, or Mining, IS, IT, etc. involving and expanding on some subset of my extensive technical skills, in or near the City of St. Louis, Missouri or via telecommute.
Am conversant in many development environments and languages, paradigm challenging, and will treat your projects as my own.

Summary of Qualifications

Computer Training / Skills

A sampling of the languages and environments in which I've developed applications

Work Experience

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My clients and former employers would be happy to provide references, should you wish.

1995 - present (Continuing)Web design projects for several clients such as Buckingham Assets Management for whom I selected and specified the server type, server-side languages, selected third-party add-ons, designed an SQL database for 4 dimensional data, ported the un-normalized data from flat sources, developed a suite of form-driven ASP pages to extract, calculate, and generate web page views of the data as graphs and pivot tables compatible with all browsers. See DanKlarmann.com/websamples.htm for more about some of my web development projects.

Jan-Mar 2003 - Alpine Engineered Products Database porting/translation jobs. A crash project consisting mainly of analyzing, translating, renormalizing, and porting data from a legacy FoxPro database to a SQL Server based database. My task was to create tools in MS Access to enable non-programmers to perform this task at customer sites in the field, minimizing my own future participation.

2000-present - Assorted database and programming projects for clients such as Alpine Engineered Products (now ITWBCG). All of my "former" clients know who to call for fast, cheerful, and cost-effective project work!

1995 - present Assorted Web Page designs (www.DanKlarmann.com/websamples.htm)

10/99 - present Part time database and SQL consultant
Assorted little database jobs in Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Visual Basic and even Perl for business, factories, and web pages. I have a particular talent for data-mining, porting, and conversion between platforms and paradigms.

11/1987 - 11/2000 Alpine Engineered Products (long-term contractor)
Senior Programmer / Analyst 1993-2000
Worked in SQL Server, Access, VC++, MFC, and Visual Basic developing client-server business modules and maintaining and improving parts of Alpine's 1.7 million line graphical integrated engineering system, and much more.
Programmer / Analyst 1987-1993
Developed everything from low-level printer drivers, fonts and comm units to a complete client-server business system and a modern (pre-Windows) user interface.

1984 - 1987 Failure Analysis and Consulting Technical Services, Inc.
As Robotics Engineer, I developed electronic and software solutions for industrial robotics applications, and material forensics applications in the lab, field, and factory.


Founder, Webmaster and Board Member for 9 years of FolkFire since 1994. My volunteer duties have included:
Writing, editing and layout of the FolkFire newsletter (circulation 4,500 in the St Louis Area)
Designed and maintain databases for the mailing list and for folk events in the midwest
Established and managed the FolkLine public voice mail system until it shut down in 1998
Design, compose, and maintain the FolkFire Web site
Help plan and execute dance and music events for hundreds of people

Taught an evening Silversmithing and jewelry class at the Taproots School of the Arts from 1994 through 1999 (see recent samples of my art)

Handyman, tinker, carpenter, plumber, electrician, DIY'er. Have rehabbed or assisted rehabbing several properties in St. Louis City including adding on rooms, roofing, etc.
Serious gardener. (link to garden pictures)

Folk Dancer: Have shoes, will travel. Have driven to dances in cities from New Hampshire thru L.A (and flown to Hawaii for one). (link to my dance page) (link to my travel page)

Photographer, although work, teaching, travel and FolkFire activities usurped all of my darkroom time. Now I've switched to digital.

I play several musical instruments (winds and strings), just for fun.

Formal Education

1984 Two degrees from Washington University, St. Louis
B.S.E.E. From basic physics and electricity through semiconductor quantum dynamics and control-system theory, VLSI chip design, circuit layout, electromagnetic theory, and computer design labs.
B.A. Psychology: From computer modeling of brain mechanisms behind perceptual phenomena to the required clinical psychology studies. Included paid lab work on visual perception. A solid Liberal Arts grounding, with an official minor in Fine Arts, unofficial minors in archaeology and anthropology.

Periodically: Technical courses from U.M.S.L. or self-teaching manuals.
Subscribe to and actually read the Journal of the Association of Computing Machinery, Scientific American, and Physics Today, among other sources of insightful reading to keep current in a variety of technical fields.

2006-present: Columnist for DangerousIntersection.org, a small blog focused on the collision of philosophical and political issues.