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07/24/2005: Homeward, CT, NY, PA
We had a nice brunch on the deck at Virginia and Johnnie's. Then a tour of the garden, and the instruments (a klavichord!).
My cousin Johnny (John Peter Lehmann-Haupt) and his posslq, Virginia, with their trusty canoe fresh from a ride down the Hudson.
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By noon we departed and drove through the Sunday outer-New-York traffic. We avoided the coast, and stayed away from the Poconos. Luckily, we only had about 2 miles of stop-and-go due to construction.
In case anyone wants to know, we took I-84 to I-80
A section of a bridge driving down the Interstate in Pennsylvania. It may be illegal in some states to use the cell phone while driving, but how about a camera?
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The opposing direction was stuck for about 10 miles of it! We only got as far as Danville, PA when we decided that we were too weary to drive safely.
We stopped at the Days Inn, another place in dire need of remodeling, and in process thereof. We chose this place in part because they advertised WiFi in the rooms. In fact, they had it in the lobby, and it didn't reach to any of the rooms. Our poolside room was filled with the joyful noise of the many children enjoying the interior courtyard pool. I tuned out the hubbub and slept.
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