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07/14/05: Rainy Long Lake Day
It rained throughout the morning, and I was content to stare at the rain and nap. My sore throat and runny nose seemed right with the rain. It let up at 1:00, so we went to the Adirondack Museum. $12 each to get in with coupons. There are 23 buildings, and Karen spent 1½ hours in building 1: Boating.
Karen learns too much about boating in the Adirondack Museum Building #1
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History of boats up here. Evolution of paddles, of motors, of boat designs, and so on. I would have loved it, except for the stuffy head, dripping nose, aching throat, and so on. I had to keep going outside to thaw out. The building was kept too cold for my comfort normally, and certainly with a cold. But there are plenty of Adirondack chairs scattered around. I dragged myself to a few other sights in this site, but wasn't really up to appreciating them.
Karen on the way to see the view at the View Deck in the Adirondack Museum
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Some daisies enjoying the view
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I like the layered mountains
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On the way back to the motel, we stopped at Buttermilk Falls. A Bostonian on the beach at sunset last night said that they were magnificent. These falls feed Long Lake from the one just upstream. It was interesting to see a smooth lake tumble a couple of dozen feet down to the next, but they were hardly spectacular.
Buttermilk Falls fall short on an impressiveness scale, but it's a nice transition between layers of lake.
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So we went to the Long View Lodge for dinner. Good food, but I couldn't taste a thing. I decided to try sweating the cold out of me. I wore plenty of clothes to bed, and woke several times drenched. But I was not hot nor sweating when I woke the last couple of times. Nor did I have that pleasant fever-broke feeling. Oh, well.
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