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10/15/11: Day 16: Home
Another quick placeholder note just to say that we made it home.

We did dance in Fairfield, IA Friday night, and made it home to dance here in Saint Louis on Saturday.

3,550 miles, and our car passed its 200,000 mile mark. Yet most tank-fulls got over 37 mpg on its original rings, transmission, and clutch (The EPA rating of Fuel Economy of the 1998 Mazda Protege is 26/33). But we largely avoided interstate highways, so were limited in most places to 70 or 65 mph. And we only passed 8,000 feet elevation a couple of times,

A long and winding trip in which I can claim Idaho because we passed through narrow chords of it in each direction, and South Dakota because I decided to just barely cross its border when we passed within 5 miles of it, anyway.

But Wyoming was fully seized, as we stayed there for 9 nights of the overall 16 days trip.

Overall map of the trip just finished. 3,550 miles in 16 days. StL to FairField, IA to Lincoln, NE to Alliance, NE to Casper, WY to Dubois, WY to Jackon, WY to Old Faithful, Yellowstone.Then Yellowstone to Jackson, WY to Little America, WY to Shoshoni, WY to Gordon, NE to Sioux City, IA to Fairfield, IA and home.
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Yes, I will be filling in the missing days, and adding some reasonably representative selection of the thousands of snapshots taken. Possibly even getting a video edited.
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