October 2003: To Banff and beyond! My first visit to the Canadian Rockies

We drove 5618 miles in 18 days on 144 gallons of gas: 39 mpg
average; our car likes the mountains! That's an average of 312 miles/day,
including the one day we did zero (Banff), and a peak of 653 (the last day
crossing Kansas and Missouri).
We saw deer, elk, grouse, pheasants, emus, bighorn sheep, mountain goats,
moose, hawks, eagles, llamas, sheep, and (inescapably) cows. Many cows.
We also saw or traversed mountains, prairies, glaciers, canyons, lava, hot
springs, soda springs, a geyser, geological strata of every color and age,
dinosaur bones in the matrix available to touch, gold nuggets, old mines, new
mines, strip mines, and many kinds of trains.

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