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I began writing web sites in early 1995, using a book about the proposed HTML 2.0 standard, and a copy of Netscape 2.0 that cost $35. Back then, we had to manually install the TCPIP stack on our computers and but a browser to see the hundreds of thousands of web sites out there.

The web pages seen here were all designed from scratch using simple text editors: Notepad, then KEdit, and then Notepad++. Although I have used editors such as MS FrontPage or Netscape Composer back in the 1990's, these all produce clumsy and bloated pages which took longer to load on the old dial-up connections. When I used these editors to enter large blocks of text, I always return to a simple editor to clean up the html, and to add the CSS, DHTML, Javascript and so forth. For server-side scripts, I prefer the universally functional CGI/Perl, PHP, or ASP (when SQL-Server is involved), but page generators like ASP, .NET, JSP, etc. don't work on all servers, especially the more reliable, less expensive Unix/Linux/Apache ones.

(2012-present): My wife decided to go regional with her folk dance calling, so I set up a simple web site to help her eplain what she does to prosepctive clients. This was my first foray into PHP, a direct descendent of Perl but easier to use for web sites.



2004-2013: HICI-Shopper and the associated family of web sites were inherited shopping sites that needed a lot of work to bring up to HTML4 standards. These sites ran profitably for a decade, but then we decided to retire them. The URL's are for sale.
They were built largely in ASP with HTML, SSI, CSS, and VBScript using an Access database. I converted it to MySQL and wrote the shopping cart system from scratch. Credit card acceptance was provided via a secure 3rd party service and is transparent to the user.
I brought it up to Netscape compatibility (HTML 4.1 minimum), and added tools (pages) to simplify data maintenance.


2004-present: Stop and Go Tires was once part of the patio and birdfeeder empire above, but now it has a new owner, and I am still tweaking the site on occasion.
Credit card acceptance was provided via a secure 3rd party service and is transparent to the user.
I brought it up to Netscape compatibility (HTML 4.1 minimum), and added tools (pages) to simplify data maintenance.

2003-present: Significantly revised the existing www.NetworkSalesInc.com web site. NSI distributes suspension components and systems for heavy trucks, tractors and trailers.
I updated the look, a little. The most significant contribution was the addition of an ASP shopping cart, a simple-to-use cross-reference form to find parts using part numbers from manufacturers and other distributors, and support pages to allow users to find and order parts by picking from a short list selected by Original Manufacturer, type of part, etc.
Naturally, it is designed for widest browser compatibility and fast loading. This site has over 1,000 lines of original asp/VBScript code, and therefore less JavaScript than my previous e-commerce / web sales sites.


2001-present: MrTitanium's Art For Sale page is mainly rendered in Perl from a database. The linked shopping cart system that I wrote from scratch is based on JavaScript. I believe that only those who re-invent the occasional wheel, truly understand what a wheel can be made to do.
This set of pages uses the PayPal money service for Credit Cards and direct payments. I also provide a self-totalling fill-print-and-mail order form for checks and money orders.

1995-present: My first web page was designed for FolkFire. I started with notepad.exe and a book about the proposed HTML 2.0 standard. It currently consists of over 100 html pages plus assorted graphics, javascripts, and cgi-perl scripts.
It was originally designed for widest compatibility and fast loading. I've kept it simple and fast.

1995-present: The FolkFire Calendar Page. was originally generated by Visual Basic from an MDB/Jet database. I ported it to Access 97 in 1997. Finally, I moved it onto the web server and generate the html from a tab-delimited data file using Perl/CGI. I'm still using a homemade Perl flat-file database editor to maintain the events.

In 2012 I decomissioned the page for a number of reasons. First, it was a lot of work trying to get information out of the groups we were trying to help. Secondly, with pervasive Google now anyone can find evnets that are listed by date range and region.
I simply wasn't worth the hassle.

1997-2002?: My Technical Resume has some interesting DHTML/CSS and javascript effects. It changes a little with each request I get for more information.
Visit this page to see more about my technical background, experience, skills, etc.

1995-present: My personal Splash Page has existed in many forms over the years. It has some fancy javascript animation, but is basically a start page linking to my 3 main site sections: Art, Technical, and personal. I created this page to stretch my skillset; for fun. The Vanity page (shown on the right) is my true personal web site, and is worth a look.

May 2002: A utility for Buckingham Assets Management Unless you are a BAM client, you can't actually view this page. I selected and specified the server type (Win2k, for a change) and researched and selected third-party add-ons, designed an SQL database for the 4 dimensional financial data, ported the un-normalized data from flat sources, developed a suite of form-driven ASP pages to extract, calculate, and generate views of the data as graphs and pivot tables.
All ASP developed in a text editor, the SQL was prototyped in MS Access.

Jan 2002: Buckingham Assets Management commissioned an order form. Unless you are a BAM client, you can't actually view this page. It is visually simple, fast loading, easily maintainable and has over a thousand lines of tight Javascript and CGI/Perl code for fast data checking, order form validation and summary processing on the user machine, and to post-process the finished form on the server, routing each item ordered to the required agent.

1998-2001 (now superceded): Paul and Win Grace are Missouri folk singers who asked me to design their first web site. It is a visually simple site, with 30 html/shtml SSI pages and a few javascripts.
One notable feature I designed is the client-side albums order form, which automatically sums and calculates shipping and taxes. It loosely encrypted credit card information to submit orders, thereby avoiding monthly fees for secure servers or cgi access.

Other sites I've developed:
  • Russ Anderson singer/songwriter. I designed his site originally. Then I trained him to maintain and update it himself. He is also using my client-side self-totalling and encrypting order form.
    His wife uses my written-from-scratch javascript shopping cart system which leads to another client-side self-totalling order form
  • AshAndGriffin.com: I took their existing illustration and pottery sales web site, consolidated pages, simplified, added CSS style sheets, SSI for consistency across pages, CGI for forms, and Javascript to simplify maintenance and upkeep.
  • St. Louis Metro Polka Club is hosted under FolkFire, as was the Graces site originally. I designed a very simple site with all the pertinent information.

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